Announcement for Senior Recruits

17 Jan

1. There will be uniform measurements carried out this week. For those who did not come last week please do so this week. (For those who attended last week, please do bring the paper you wrote your sizes on)

Recruit announcements

11 Jan

Attention to all senior recruit members: 1. Recruits Reminder to fall in with your full recruits uniform at 1:45 pm at the basketball court. Your uniform consists of your: a. Cap b. Grey recruits T-shirt c. Name tags d. Track … Read More »

First parade

10 Dec

To all senior members,  First parade for 2018 will start on the 6th of January, these are the things to note: 1. Please pass RM 100 subscription fees to your squad leaders on the first parade. 2. Parade will officially … Read More »