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What we have today is the result of passion and vision of Sir William Alexander Smith and 2 of his friends, James R. Hill and John B. Hill, subjecting themselves to God’s purpose back in the 19th century.

From a humble start with the founding of 1st Glasgow Company on the 4th of October 1883, BB have expanded in numbers not only in the United Kingdom but the world over. The Boys’ Brigade movement is the first and oldest youth uniformed in the world.

The impact was not confined to BB for it spawned the formation of other youth uniformed movements in the world; for example Scouts, Girls’ Guide etc.

The links below is a compilation artifacts about the history of the Boys’ Brigade and it’s founder, Sir William Alexander Smith.

  1. Where It All Began – a photo story video of BB history produced by a team of BB officers from Malaysia and the UK.
  2. First for Boys – a PDF book on the story of BB from 1883 to 1983 by Donald M. McFarlan made available online courtesy the Boys’ Brigade in the UK.
  3. William Alexandar Smith – The founder of the Boys’ Brigade as a youth worker – the encyclopedia of informal education by Jonathan Robers (2006).
  4. The Boys’ Brigade on Wikipedia
  5. History of the Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia

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