Drill Competition’s Visitor and Participant Registeration

11 Apr

Hi all,

Just a reminder for those who attended parade last Saturday and also for those who wasn’t present for parade. As mentioned last Saturday, all members who are interested in attending the drill competition regardless as a participant or a visitor on the 26th of May, please send your details which includes your *full name according to IC, your phone number and email address, medical conditions if any and your parent’s or guardian’s name and contact number* to your respective squad leaders latest by *Friday night*. Any late submission won’t be entertain.

Lunch will be provided on the day itself however, members are required to pay an amount of RM10. *Please state if you have any sort of allergy towards any food if you want lunch.* We don’t want any allergic reactions or any medical conditions to happen on the day itself. So please cooperate and state if you have any allergy or medical conditions.

Have a great week ahead, see you all on Saturday!

SGT Daniel 🙂