BB2SJ Aquaponics Community Project

6 Sep

Senior members, here are scope of work for individual project team as well as
preliminary master work program for BB2SJ Aquaponics Community Project. Please
download, print out, and  read through relevant areas where you will be involved.
Do prepare before hand any questions you would like to seek clarification this coming

BB2SJ APP Master Program

Phase 1- T1 System Design Block Diagram V1.0

Phase 1- T2 System Grow Beds & Tanks V1.0

Phase 1- T3 Water Circulation System V1.0 

Phase 1- T4 Automatic Fish Feeder V1.0

Phase 1- T5 Rain Water Harvesting V1.0

Phase 1- T6 Germination V1.0

Phase 1- T7 Media, Record & Documentation V1.0