Campers Basic Class

24 Apr
Hi Seniors, as I mentioned during our last parade, we will be having a campers basic class this coming Saturday which is the 29th of April. The time will be from 2:30-5:30pm at First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya.
We will be teaching you:
– how to start a fire
– camp cooking
So for those who are going for camp and interested in getting their campers basic, do come for this class. (Recruits are encouraged to join and attempt to get your campers basic, but it’ll only be awarded to you if you pass your target badge, so do come for this session as well).
For this class, you’re required to bring:
1. Mess tin/cooking utensils
2. Cooking materials, example cooking oil, salt, pepper, meat* , vegetables etc. (eggs, rice and vegetables are compulsory)
* preferably not
3. Fire wood ( if possible, go find wood around your housing area, you should be able to find at least a bundle from chopped trees or any wooden planks from cardboards that are thrown at the side of the road. Bear in mind, the purpose of fire wood is to sustain your fire throughout your cooking, so make sure you have enough to sustain at least an hour. Also bear in mind that you’ll need tinder to start your fire, dried leaves, twigs and coconut husk can be used as a tinder)
4. Last but not least, bring your common sense. Don’t come on Saturday and tell me that you didn’t bring your mess tin, your utensils or whatsoever, make sure you bring all the things you need to cook, if you don’t know what to bring please refer to number 1-3. If you still don’t know, you can go back for boot camp again.
For those who are going for athletics, you can bring your things together with you to the stadium.
Have a great week ahead. Looking forward to see you guys next week.
Cpl Daniel 🙂