Boot Camp Announcement

14 Mar

Hi, Recruits! Boot Camp is coming soon! Are you excited?

First, here is your packing list!

  1. Clothes [sufficient for 3 days of sweaty activities]
  2. Sport shoes and slippers
  3. Socks [sufficient for 3 days]
  4. Toiletries
  5. Hanger
  6. Water bottle of 1.5L (Important! Stay hydrated!)
  7. Stationery
  8. Notebook
  9. Bible
  10. Medication [if needed]
  11. Sleeping bag
  12. Mess tin/utensils/cup [preferably plastic]
  13. Polishing kit [Kiwi, Brasso/Autosol and 2 pieces of old cloth]

Please LABEL your items so they don’t get mixed up/lost/missing.

Here is the list of items not allowed at camp

  1. Any electronic items (Inform your parents to contact the emergency numbers provided)
  2. Cards/Board games
  3. Weapons/Explosives (other than your knives for cooking; please be very careful!!!)
  4. Huge sum of money [ >RM20]

These are a few items that you would need during boot camp:

  1. Mess tin [can be bought at shops that sell camping tools]

  1. Brasso/Autosol (get either one from hardware or DIY shops)

  1. Kiwi (can get from hardware shops)

Next, as mentioned, there is a cooking test! You will have 90 minutes to cook fried rice from raw ingredients and eat it 😊

  1. You will be cooking in pairs! Bring your own portion of food. We will pair you up on the day itself.
  2. Ingredients: you are allowed to bring any kind of ingredients, but these are the criteria:
    1. Rice (make sure you bring your portion!)
    2. At least one vegetable
    3. Egg: Sunny side up
    4. Meat (optional)
  3. You will be judged by the following:

-Wholesomeness (30%) – Think food pyramid. Remember it is your dinner

-Palatability (30%) – You want food that tastes good.

-Appearance (10%) – Instagram loves food that looks good!

-Timeliness (15%) – keep to the 90 minute limit.

-Cleanliness (15%) – remember you are eating your food! And you don’t want food poisoning

  1. Cooking utensils: Mess tin. [No pan and pots] Solid fuels and a solid fuel stove will be provided for each pair(see pic below)


  1. Label your items!


1) Day 1(23/3/17): Fall in at 8am sharp in the basketball court. Come in your recruit uniform!

2) Remember to inform your parents to pick you up at 1 pm on 25/3/2017.

Thank you! Have a great week 🙂

-LCpl Khai Qing-