Details About Boot Camp

11 Mar


Dear recruits, Boot Camp is coming up! Excited? Anyway, here are the details.

Date: 17 – 19 March 2015 (Thursday-Saturday)

Venue: FBC Subang Jaya, SS17

Fall in is at 8.00 am on Thursday, inform your parents to pick you up at 1pm on Saturday.

Come in your Recruits Uniform (Polished!)

For recruits who have yet to pay up, you MUST bring your SIGNED parent consent form and

RM50 on THIS WEEK. Pay the money to Lance Corporal Joo Ning.

Here is the to bring list for camp:

1. Clothes [sufficient for 3 days of sweaty activities]

2. Sport shoes and slippers

3. Socks [sufficient for 3 days]

4. Toiletries

5. Hanger

6. 1.5L Water bottle

7. Stationery

8. Notebook

9. Bible

10. Medication [if needed]

11. Sleeping bag

12. Mestin/utensils/cup [preferably plastic ones]

13. Polishing kit [Kiwi, Brasso/Autosol and 2 pieces of cloth]

Please LABEL your items so nothing goes missing/lost/mixed up.

Here is the list of items not allowed at camp

1. Any electronic items (Inform your parents to contact the emergency numbers given)

2. Cards/Board games

3. Weapons/Explosives(other than your knives for cooking; please be very careful!!!)

4. Huge amount of money [>RM20]

Here are pictures of things which may seem new to you

1. Mestin [can be bought at shops that sell camping tools]

2. Brasso/Autosol [buy either one from hardware or DIY shops]

download (1)

Boot Camp Cooking Test!

In teams of two:

Prepare one meal of Fried Rice from scratch (raw ingredients) in 90 minutes! (Including eating and

cleaning time)

The meal will be dinner for you and your teammate on the first night (17th March).

You will be provided with solid fuel and a solid fuel stove(one per team):
images (1)

Upon which you place your mess tin and cook!  Simple.

You are allowed to bring ingredients as you wish. You will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Wholesomeness (30%) – Think food pyramid. Remember it is your dinner

2. Palatability (30%) – You want food that tastes good.

3. Appearance (10%) – And instagram loves food that looks good!

4. Timeliness (15%) – keep to that 90 minutes schedule.

5. Cleanliness (15%) – remember you are eating your food! And you don’t want food poisoning

*In case it isn’t clear. No pots and pans allowed.

*Label your foodstuff. You can use the fridge in the FBC kitchen but remember there is limited space